Natural Flavours; Local Ingredients

Dalade is a women led enterprise from Meghalaya where we work to provide handmade food products packed with care.

Handmade With Care

Each of your product is handmade in small batches with care.

No Harmful Chemicals

All our products have zero harmful chemicals.

Zero Artificial Colorant

Each of our product is made using natural ingredients

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Committed to give you 100% natural food

Why us?

Dalade is a “local first” brand, involved in the production of 100% natural foods preserves. Our aim is to encourage the traditional farming of seasonal produce. We work to promote the sustainability of local farmers by procuring best crops directly from the farmers while also ensuring good prices for their harvest.

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Lakadong turmeric harvest Meghalaya
Support Local Farmers
Farm to Table


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At Dalade we believe in serving good food for everyone. 

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