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We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality food products

Dalade is food venture aimed at the value addition of seasonal fruits from Meghalaya (initially) in the form of Jams and pickles. The unique fruits of the region make the entire range of our products unique. Furthermore, since all the ingredients used are sourced locally from our trusted farmers, it not only creates a healthy food source for you but also creates a mean for the farmers to sell their perishable produce at a competitive price.

Top 25 Startups of Meghalaya 2021

Dalade Foods is selected among the Top-25 Startups of Meghalaya and current incubated under PRIME.


Selected TOP 10 Product - SIAL Innovation Selection in SIAL INDIA 2020

We Believe In Empowering Women

All our products are made with a lot of love, care & attention put in by our team of smiling & hard-working women who ensure you get the perfect balance of flavours with every order.

Our Company

Dalade is a “local first” brand, involved in the production of 100% natural foods preserves. Our aim is to encourage the traditional farming of seasonal produce. We work to promote the sustainability of local farmers by procuring best crops directly from the farmers while also ensuring good prices for their harvest.

Our main goal revolves around ensuring the availability of healthy, seasonal and natural products in the local as well as international markets while supporting the farmers through sustainable economic practices. Our range of gourmet foods are handmade in small batches using natural ingredients and zero preservatives. Each batch is made with 100% pure & fresh produce, minimum sugar, and lots of care, we bring the best and fresh of the season.


Ready to switch to a healthy alternative?

At Dalade we believe in serving good food for everyone. 

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