Meghalaya Ginger Infused Honey


Selected TOP 10 Product – SIAL Innovation Selection in SIAL INDIA 2020!

Pure honey collected from the forests of Meghalaya’s Mawsynram region accompanied by the all natural ginger from Jaintia hills make this concoction a health watchers favorite.

Dalade’s pure ginger infused honey is the perfect mix of complex taste and texture straight from the hills of Meghalaya.

– 100% pure honey direct from the beekeepers.
– All the natural vitamins and minerals remain intact.

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Dalade is a women led, “local first” brand, involved in the production of 100% natural food products.

Our aim is to encourage the traditional farming of seasonal produce while reducing food wastage. We work to promote the sustainability of local farmers by procuring best crops directly from the farmers while also ensuring good prices for their harvest.

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